UpMagic is a review and opinion outlet concerning the gaming industry and interactive entertainment.  More than anything, its goal is to promote deeper discussion on game design and how it fosters imagination, as well the reasons for when it doesn’t.

Written and maintained by  an approachable and well rounded gamer, Zach finds it impossible not to write on the subject on a day to day basis.  He is sappy but wholesome, only wishing to remain honest and well explained to the many different points of view of his readers. His reviews are concerned with how games come across naturally during actual play, as opposed to holding different aspects under different lenses after the fact.  Articles from Zach have been featured on sites such as Honest Gamers, as well as in physical publications like The Printed Blog. He also currently writes the “Off the Grid” column for online publication, Haywire Magazine, and contributes editorials to Playstation Universe.

However opinions may differ, UpMagic hopes that everyone will always find themselves excited about what the gaming industry has to offer, and to let their imaginations continue be captured by talented developers from around the world.


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